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At ASTG, we handle every collector’s card like they are our own to ensure you receive the very best grading and authentication experience. ASTG provides strict and consistent grading with faster turnaround times, and in our opinion most appealing slabs (and FYI the labels are not slabs) on the market at an affordable price.


If you want a company with no hidden charges, reasonable prices, faster turn around times, customer service that appreciates our customers and just as equally important accurate and consistent grading then ASTG is right for you. 

We charge $20 Per Card With A 20 Business Day Turnaround Time Or Less Once Your Order Has Been Received And Reviewed. 

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Our case

Diagram of protective ASTG slabs for trading cards

patent-pending technology

Through ASTG’s innovative case designs we have implemented new industry first security elements along with the first self-standing case and the only landscape case orientation setting a new standard in the card grading industry.

Coming Soon

Patent-Pending Technology

Through ASTG’s innovative case designs, we have implemented new industry-first security elements, along with the first self-standing case, and the only landscape case orientation; setting a new standard in the card grading industry. 

Diagram of protective ASTG slabs for trading cards

Common reasons to grade your cards

#1. Authenticity:

Considering how popular card collecting has become in recent years, counterfeits are more likely to appear on the market, as forgers reproduce popular cards. Purchasing a valuable card graded by ASTG will provide you with the piece of mind as that item has been professionally evaluated and deemed authentic.

#2. Increased Selling Values:

Looking at many graded cards sold over the past decade, you will just about always see a significant increase in price in a graded card versus one in the same ungraded condition. Having a third-party grader (TPG) provides an unbiased detailing of the card’s condition which can be used as a foundation for a perspective buyer and seller to determine a price.

#3. Protection:

Having your card encapsulated can help protect it from damage that is typical in mishandling or improper storage methods.

Our process


how to submit

ASTG has developed a more efficient and streamlined process to card submitting, making it as seamless as possible to save you time—because your time is valuable.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS to create an account, go to the Submit page, enter your card/s to submit, then click “Next” on the bottom right of the screen. This will bring you to the 02 Login or Create Account Page. Once there, login or create an account. You will go to the Checkout page to review and complete your submission.


Card evaluation

ASTG has designed two very distinct and highly defined grading standards for modern and vintage cards. These grading standards remove human subjectivity and replace it with a mathematical-based formula. We believe this is the only way to ensure every card is graded accurately and consistently.